Frequently Asked Questions


What is screen printing?                                                                                                                        

Screen printing is a print method, often used on apparel, in which each color of print is made into a stencil-like screen that ink is pressed through.

How is cost determined?

It is dependent on the quantity of shirts, the number of print colors and print locations.

What are screen charges?

For each color on each location (front, back, sleeve) that is printed, a new screen must be put through an extensive setup process, as well as being installed and aligned in the screen press.

What Is Water Based Printing?

Water based screen printing, in addition to being environmentally friendly, utilizes inks that are absorbed into the fiber of a shirt, instead of leaving a tangible buildup of ink like standard plastisol inks.

What is a base coat?

Much like a primer under a coat of paint on a wall, a base coat is printed on a dark shirt underneath lighter colors to make them bright and vibrant. Without a base, the inks take on a faded, vintage look (which may be desirable in some cases).

Are youth shirts priced differently?

Because of the smaller demand for youth t-shirts, they actually cost slightly more. Another cost to consider is that for a design that is printed on youth AND adult shirts, we may be required to create new screens for every color/location to fit on the smaller sizes, which would increase the number of screen charges.

Do you have designs to choose from?

Our artwork is custom designed for each order. If you would like to see samples of our work, our Facebook and Instagram accounts are regularly updated with new prints and designs.

Will I see what my order will look like before it is made?

Before we ever print your order, we will send a Purchase Order that includes sizes, quantities, final pricing, and a mockup of the artwork that you will need to approve before we begin.

Can you ship my order?

Yes! When placing your order, let us know you are interested and we can get a shipping quote for you.